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The description, red/white aesthetics (gum reshaping), describes the harmonious interplay between gum (red) and tooth (white). To achieve the best aesthetic appearance, it is not only important to have nice teeth but also to have healthy gums that are in natural balance with the teeth. If the teeth look too short or too long, you can see too much gum when you laugh (a "gummy smile"). If the teeth look unnaturally long due to inflamed gum recession (periodontitis), which leaves the tooth neck exposed, this can spoil the overall appearance.

Here are a few treatment options:

  • If the neck of the tooth is exposed and highly sensitive, it can be skilfully covered up.
  • If too much gum is showing causing a gummy smile, the patient's teeth are lengthened and the gum shortened.
  • If gum is missing between the teeth, black triangles develop and the colour and shape of the teeth have to be changed.

After careful examination and planning, the correct treatment for the inpidual patient is identified and is explained in detail during a personal consultation.