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Crowns can preserve seriously affected teeth or those that are badly damaged and restore the original chewing function.
It is important however, to maintain the structure of the tooth and the tooth itself.

We differentiate between:

  • Gold crowns
  • Colour-matched ceramic crowns
  • All-ceramic crowns
  • So-called "table tops"
  • (All-ceramic partial crowns)

With table tops, only the defective material is removed, in other words the amalgam filling and nothing else. Table tops are less damaging, tooth-coloured and recommended in most situations. Our practice often uses the table tops technique, because aesthetics plays a major role here.
All-ceramic crowns are completely metal free and can match the colour of the existing teeth exactly. There is no ugly edge where metal can be seen - they look perfectly natural.

Metal free constructions are the goal of our practice!