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Telescope Crowns

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Telescope Crowns

By telescopic crowns, we mean double crowns attached to a prosthesis. These double crowns comprise a primary crown, which grips round the prepared tooth, and a secondary crown, which is fitted onto the prosthesis.
The best materials for crowns are all-ceramic or gold.
In our practice, we usually use all-ceramic for the primary crown and Galvano crowns for the secondary crowns.

When fitting the prosthesis, the secondary crown slides over the primary crown like a telescope, thereby ensuring the denture has a firm hold.


  • Metal free.
  • Bio-compatible, free from any allergens.
  • No brackets, so differs from the traditional denture which damages the tooth.
  • Stays in place.
  • Vertical load only.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, no visible difference on the outside from the natural teeth.
  • Reparable. If a tooth is lost, the tooth is simply extended. You do not need a new replacement tooth.

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Telescope Crowns