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Dental Prophylaxis

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Dental Prophylaxis (Treatment)

According to the latest scientific findings, regular preventive treatment can prevent tooth decay, periodontitis and general illnesses as well. Ideally, you should have a "professional clean" at least 2-3 times a year.

For our professional dental prophylaxis we offer special conditions for pupils (age above 18), students and apprentices.

Germs caused by periodontitis and tooth decay can spread from the mouth cavity into the whole of the body and can even reach the vital organs. In particular, periodontitis germs can attack the coronary arteries. Studies in the USA have shown that the risk increases by 2.2 for a heart attack and by as much as 2.7 for a stroke.

But what does "Professional Cleaning" involve?

  • Soft and hard plaque are completely removed using ultrasound.
  • Gaps between the teeth and areas that are difficult to reach are cleaned with scalers and curettes.
  • Existing cigarette and tea stains can be completely removed by professional cleaning.
  • All teeth are polished with a pumice / small polishing brush und polishing paste.
  • The gaps between the teeth are cleaned again with floss. Dental bridges are cleaned with Super Floss - Dental Floss.
  • Towards the end of the cleaning process, fluoridation is carried out (fluoride hardens the enamel).
  • Areas that are prone to tooth decay can therefore be remineralised, so that small demineralised areas can regenerate.
  • You will also receive instructions on mouth hygiene and general information about dental care.

With the assistance of our preventive treatment recall system, we send our patients a written reminder.

Dental Prophylaxis (Treatment)