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Periodontitis and paradontosis treatment Neu-Isenburg

Periodontitis - Inflammation of the Gums

About 80% of the adult population show signs of inflammation of the gums (Gingivitis).
Bleeding gums is often the first sign of long-term gingivitis. This bacterial inflammation can spread to the jaw bones, the periodontal membrane and the radicular element. This is called periodontitis, an inflammation caused by bacteria that has already caused irreversible damage to the tissue surrounding and supporting the teeth. This is also commonly known as "paradontose".
These days periodontal disease is the main reason for tooth loss. Periodontitis is always accompanied by general illnesses with a multitude of adverse effects. We should always be aware that periodontal disease affects not just the gums but the whole patient. The far reaching, negative consequences of periodontitis are often underestimated. The periodontal bacteria can spread from their origin, the mouth cavity, into the whole of the body and can even reach the vital organs. Studies in the USA have shown that the risk increases by 2.2 for a heart attack and by as much as 2.7 for a stroke.
We should therefore always try to prevent periodontitis by recognising and treating it at an early stage.
What can be done to prevent it?
Regular, professional cleaning is a prerequisite. Following on from that, systematic periodontal treatment, depending on the gravity of the problem, is carried out with or without treating the jaw bones. In certain cases, regenerative treatment for periodontitis means that bone loss can be regenerated.

Periodontitis and paradontosis treatment Neu-Isenburg