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Tooth bleaching - whitening in Neu-Isenburg & Frankfurt

This is a nice and easy method of whitening teeth. There is a growing interest in personal dental hygiene and with it the trend towards tooth whitening. White teeth signify beauty, youth, vitality and success. A recent general survey indicated that nearly 85% of people judge the attractiveness of the opposite sex on the basis of their smile.

We use the following tooth whitening procedures:

Bleaching at Home

This method allows the patient to whiten their teeth at home by themselves. Our in-house dental laboratory makes "bleaching trays" to fit the inpidual patient. The patient is then given a bleaching gel (the strength of which is dependent on the colour required), takes it home and bleaches his teeth following the written instructions, until the desired result is achieved. The treatment is supported by regular check-ups.

Inhouse Bleaching

Whilst we whiten your teeth, you sit for about an hour in a comfortable dentist’s chair and watch a DVD or listen to some gentle music on the headphones.
How does it work? Our dental hygienist applies a "bleaching gel" to your teeth and hardens it with a special UV lamp and your teeth immediately start to become whiter. This procedure can be carried out many times until the desired result is achieved. During this process the healthy gums are covered with a plastic mask.

Tooth bleaching - whitening in Neu-Isenburg & Frankfurt